The Foundations Of Dance

One of the things that we do here at Team Kaizen to help students develop their dance skills is give them strong foundations in the various styles of dance.

We regularly give kids the chance to learn from specialists in their respective fields. Why is this important? This means they receive a real understanding and technique of the style which helps them dance to a higher level.

Learning the foundations of locking, popping, hip hop, house and breaking lets the students perform these moves much better when they appear in a dance routine or choreography. They develop confidence in the skills which make someone a good dancer.

Locking – a funky style of dance which teaches students how to groove and also relax when they dance.

Popping – another funky one good for keeping a strong rhythm and learning isolations.

Breaking – helps the children become more confident with floor work.

House – gives the students the ability to develop their footwork skills.

The children at our Kent academy become all rounders and this shows when it comes to the time to show off their street dancing skills during performances!

We hope you’ll be impressed with how your children are developing the next time you see them perform.

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