Throwback Thursday – The Riverside Festival ’14

The Riverside Festival is a local annual event that is free for all Gravesham locals to take part in. Team Kaizen are regularly invited down and can be seen providing showcases and workshops for festival goers.

In 2014 we brought down our dance academy to do some short demonstrations throughout the day to entertain the locals. Team Kaizen tutors also provided dance workshops in house, hip hop, popping, locking and breaking for the general public to try their hand at.

We also invited our street dance after school club at Wrotham Road primary school to get involved and they also took part in showcases at the festival.

The Academy trained for 12 weeks for this event and on the day itself there were no less than 5 performances and 8 workshops – a non-stop fun day for all involved. This was just one of 6 performances that the academy did in 2014!

The event went very well with the students enjoying the excitement of performing in front of a live audience and also in front of their watching friends and family.

TKDA London Branch Opens Thursday 9th June

TKDA London Branch Opens Thursday 9th June

Next week will be the launch of our London branch of the Team Kaizen Dance Academy, we'll be launching with two new classes, the 'Kriss Kross' class and the 'Roger Rabbit' class. We'll be offering FREE TASTER sessions to anyone who signs up before July 16. The classes...