How the Show Day Will Run

On the day of the show, each class will have designated call times to arrive at the theatre. Once you arrive, you will sign in and then taken to the auditorium for your tech run. After the sign-in, parents are free to leave and return later in time for the show.

During the tech runs, all the students will be seated in the auditorium with the rest of their class and their chaperones. Once the tech runs are done, all students will be taken to their waiting area with their chaperones, ready for the show.

The show will be taking place from 7.00 PM – 8.30 PM, with a short interval in the middle.

Once the show is finished, students will be dismissed to their parent or guardian in the lobby.


Tech Rehearsals / Arrival times

Each class will have their individual time slot for their tech run on stage before the show. Please ensure you come wearing a Team Kaizen t-shirt (preferably not your costume, if that can be avoided) and you are ready to go.

The tech rehearsal times are as follows:

– 2:30 PM: Roger Rabbit / Party Machine & Tone Wop



What all students will need

Packed lunch
– Plenty of fluids
– Costumes

To ease any confusion or mix-ups, we ask that all costumes are labelled with your name.