This year, there will be two outfits. One will be worn for the “First Person Shooter” routine, and the other will be for the “Walk It Out” and Gemma’s routines. Please see the details below:


First Person Shooter Outfit

– TKDA T-shirt (Black with red print)
– Black joggers
– Red accessories

The first outfit will be all black with hints of red. We are creating a new TKDA T-shirt which will be black with a red design. This new T-shirt can be ordered via the website in the shop. You will be able to customize your outfit by adding red accessories such as hair bands, scarves, and hats. No jewellery is allowed.


Walk It Out / Gemma’s Routines

– TKDA T-shirt (Red with white print)
– All white bottoms (joggers, shorts, etc.)
– All white accessories (jackets, hats, scarves, etc.)

This outfit is very simple, featuring an all-white theme with a red TKDA T-shirt. The red TKDA T-shirt will be a new top that I will be creating, which can be bought via the shop on the website. It’s up to you how you style the white clothes, and I would like you to personalise the outfit according to your individual preference. No jewelry