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  • 11/03/22

    Hi Everyone,

    As I mentioned to you all in our last session all of the sections for our first routine have been taught, now we will all need to make sure we are using the videos to practice at home. In the next coupe of weeks I will be auditioning people to see what sections you can do.

    For our next session I would like you all to listen to the 2nd song and let me know what words you would use to best describe the song, this includes how it makes you feel, the mood and the different sounds you can hear. Please write down these words and bring them in to our next session so we can all discuss. The song can be found further down the page just before the last class recording.

    See you on Thursday


  • Back it up and dump it full run through

    Back it up and dump it / half run through with Kriss Kross Class

    Back it up and dump it / full run through

    Back it up and dump it / 1st section

    Back it up and dump it / 2nd section

    Back it up and dump it / 6th & 3rd Section

    Back it up and dump it / 5th & 4th Section

  • Last man standing / part run through

    Last man standing / cannon section

    Last man standing / group section

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