• Liability

    Team Kaizen does NOT provide personal accident cover

    Those who take part in any Team Kaizen activities are responsible in ensuring they wear appropriate clothing for dance, this includes unrestrictive clothing and correct footwear

    No jewellery is allowed to be worn while participating in any Team Kaizen activities

    Medical Information

    Persons who take part in Team Kaizen activities must consider themselves to have good physical and mental health, persons taking part must declare any medical treatment, injuries or medication before taking part


    All photographic and videos taken during Team Kaizen activities cover all future use for internal and external publicity; the images and videos will be used to support publication for Team Kaizen or for training purposes as an example of good practice.

    Persons who cannot have their images used in any circumstance must state this in writing to a Team Kaizen representative

    Dance Academy

    Term fees for the TKDA are payable in advance, fees are due no later than the second session of each term. If your child arrives without fees being paid they will not be allowed to participate in their session

    Term fees are based on a 12 week term

    All cheques must be made out to ‘Team Kaizen’ with your child’s name written on the back, when making BACS payment use your child’s name as a reference

    Sort Code 09 06 66, Account 43553058, Santander.

    Term Fees are subject to change, prior notice will be given by TKDA of any increase in fees

    Attendance for the new term must be confirmed by deadline given to secure your child’s place

    Pupils wishing to leave the TKDA or discontinue any class will need to give written notice, this must be done no later than half a term. If notice is not given during the allotted time the fees for the pupil will be due the following term.