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    Hi Parents,

    Welcome to our latest edition of the TKDA newsletter, the place to stay up to date with all TKDA news, this may be the last newsletter in this format as we are currently updating the website. We’ve been working hard in all our classes and seeing some good results, something we encourage to all our students is to practice little and often throughout the week using the videos on their class page, it will do wonders for their confidence and overall progression.

    We have a couple of dates coming up everyone needs to be aware of:

    2/2 Term Payment – the last instalment for the Spring term is due the week commencing 11/10/21

    Half Term – there will be no sessions commencing the week of 25/10/21, classes will resume the following week

    Merchandise Order – we’ll be making an order a big merchandise order on 23/11/21, more details can be found below

    End Of Term – our last day term will commence the week of 06/12/21


    Uniform / Merchandise

    The uniform for the TKDA is black bottoms and a white TKDA t-shirt, the uniform needs be worn during shows and external events. As well as the uniform we also have t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies which can be picked up in different colours, the merchandise can be worn at any time apart from when the uniform is needed.

    I’ll be making a merchandise order on 23/10/21, any one who would like to make an order will need to complete the merchandise form and payment by then, if your unsure about your child’s size feel free to ask before ordering. Scroll down to the ‘online forms’ section on this page for a link to the merchandise form.


    That’s everything for now, if you have any questions / queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


  • Online Forms

    Click on the links below to be taken to the online form
  • Term Dates

  • Autumn 2021

    13/09/21 – 10/12/20 

    (no sessions week commencing 25/10/21 due to half term) 

  • Spring 2022

    03/01/22 – 25/03/22

    (no half term break) 

  • Summer 2022

    18/04/22 – 11/07/22

    (no sessions week commencing 30/05/21 due to half term break) 

  • Payment Breakdown

  • Kriss Kross

    £120 One Payment

    £60 Two Payments

  • Roger Rabbit

    £144 One Payment

    £72 Two Payments

  • Santander
    Account Name: Team Kaizen
    Account Number: 43553058
    Sort Code: 09-06-66
  • Health & Safety Procedures 

    In order to resume our classes we’ve had to include a lot more protocols, we have also have a detailed risk assessment which can be provided for anyone who would like to see it. Please see below for the measures the TKDA and JAGS Sports Club have put in place to promote  


    Traveling – students arriving by car should only do so with others from their household, those taking public transportation should remember social distancing and to wear masks were required 


    Hand Santisting – Hand santasing will be offered before and after leaving the dance studio 


    Pick up and drop off points – to limit the amount of people in the studio we will be providing a drop off and pick up point for the students, the students will be collected from the fire escape to the studio, after the session the children will  be dismissed to the same location one at a time to parents and guardians. Please arrive on time and not too early as your child will not gain access to the studio until it’s there time, after dropping off / picking up your child please do not hang around the studio as you may be asked to leave by staff, social distancing will also need to be followed while waiting. 


    Advance payments – due to having limited numbers advance payments will need to be made to secure your child’s place, this will also need be as an online payment as we are going cashless to make transactions easier. At present we are only accepting one full payment for the term (12 weeks) or one half payment before the term starts with a second being paid before 02/11/20 


    Food and drink – only water bottles will be permitted into the dance studio, these also should not be shared. Water fountains will also be out of use 


    Use of personal belongings – essential items will only be permitted into class, only fluids will be allowed 


    Social distancing – floor markings and signs will navigate the one way system implemented by JAGS, while walking everyone will need to keep 2 meters apart. 


    Covid Symptoms – If your child or anyone in their household develops Covid symptoms they should not attend class, if a child develops symptoms during a class they will be removed from the session immediately and the child’s parent / guardian will be notified to come and collect them. The government guidelines will then need to be followed accordingly  



    As you may know businesses have been severely affected since the Covid outbreak, as a small business owner this has been extremely testing due to the fact we haven’t been able to trade since March. The next couple of months will be a crucial time for us, hopefully we will be able to pull through and get things back to normal, it will be a struggle as we need to reduce all our class numbers but I’m confident we will pull through. 


    Online Classes – Going forward if we are unable to fulfill our studio sessions due to any Government changes this term we will revert back to online classes, like before these sessions will run via Zoom. The Zoom classes will run on Thursdays during your child’s class time, these sessions will also be recorded so students can access them throughout the term


    Online Payments & Documents To make things easier this term all paperwork and payments will be online, all term fees will now need to be made via BACS. We are also in the process of updating all our paperwork so will also be sending out some online forms to be filled out, this may be in a similar format to the questionnaires that have been sent out of the past couple of months. 


    Below is a useful link to the Government website with guidelines on how to combat the virus